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I am applying to a nursing program and currently work at a hospital. The program that I am applying to requires 2 letters of rec. In which I have already selected my old boss/o chem teacher.

Working at the hospital, I have talked to a few nurses. One of charge nurse/house supervisor went to the school that I am apply to. The nurse sees my exitement, and had offer to write me another postive letter of rec.

Should I polietly accept or decline?

Please let me know! I need second opinions!

Thank you!

TazziRN, RN

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Take every letter you can get. 2 are required, nothing says you can't have more. The fact that someone OFFERED to write you a letter says a lot for you, and you would be a fool to turn it down, especially from an alumnus.


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Take it! They are certainly not going to deny your application for having too many letters of recomendation.

My program didn't even require LOR but i turned in two anyway, one from my old boss(nurse manager of crital care) and my micro teacher! I got in on my first try to a very competitive school and the director did mention them in my interview with her after i was accepted.

Good luck, hope you get in!

wooh, BSN, RN

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A letter one OFFERS to write will probably be better than a letter one was asked to write. So if someone offers, TAKE IT.

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