Letter to My Graduate Nurse

A letter to my graduate nurse, on your nursing journey. Nurses New Nurse Article

Letter to My Graduate Nurse

My Dear Graduate Nurse,

Congratulations on your achievement in graduating from nursing school. You earned it!

Not long ago, many of us were in your exact position. We simply could not believe it! Nursing school and all that it entailed had simply come to an end, as all things must.

We were ecstatic!!! As you are now and should be.

So we truly and deeply understand the many emotions coursing through you right now.

  • Remember those days when you thought you could not do it;
  • Remember the never ending tests and exams;
  • Remember those long clinical hours with papers due the next day;
  • Remember the nerve racking exams, when you had sleepless nights wondering if that semester was going to be your last in nursing school,

But through it all, you soared, you made it through! You are a nurse now!

Take a moment to celebrate this massive achievement, capture this memory so that you can always savor the joy of it all especially during those weak moments. You will need it.

This letter is to serve as comfort to you as you navigate our world of nursing

  • There will be moments of joy;
  • There will be moments of sadness;
  • There will be moments you will question your life's path;
  • There will be moments you will second guess yourself;

But remember this- you are NOT alone. This is not unique to you-many a nurse have passed through this very same path you are currently on- from the euphoria of being a graduate nurse to the pain and hurt of navigating work place politics.

What IS unique to you is how you react to these situations when they arise- Will you rise above them or will you allow them overwhelm you? Will you choose to push through? Or will you decide this is not for you?

As you navigate the very many decisions that you will have to make such as,

  • What specialty to go into?
  • What your preferred shift should be- day or night?
  • Whether or not to pursue a graduate degree?

Or worst of all, would you ever find a job? It's okay, we have all been there!

Remember ...

  • Remember to take the time for yourself and loved ones; you will need them for strength
  • Remember how hard you worked for this; do not allow yourself be abused
  • Remember to believe in yourself even when others seem to doubt you
  • Remember to give everyone the benefit of doubt for they may be fighting a bigger battle than you know
  • Remember; remember that at the end of it all- the choice on what to do will always remain yours!

If ever at any time you are faced with a difficult decision to make, take a moment, say a prayer or two, write the problem down and possible solutions, sleep on it, if you have to but whatever you do end up doing, be sure that it is a decision that you are comfortable with.

Regrets are the worst things one could ever have- let others' experience be the tool to guide you, but let the final decisions be yours!

The decision will be yours to make and one that you will have no fear of making should that time ever arise. We have every confidence in you!

Many nursing schools do a great disservice to students by not teaching/modelling work place conflict resolutions BUT as with all professions, there will be ups and downs,; smooth and rough; straight and curved...

Whether you choose to continue on this path of nursing or decide that this is not for you,

Just remember this- You will be alright, YOU.WILL.BE.JUST.FINE!

(Thanks for the Read!)

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Great post and wonderful advice, MNC! As a new grad im still in the euphoric stage for now. ❤