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Less than three weeks!

Pre-Nursing   (491 Views 2 Comments)
by Flaird Flaird (Member)

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In less than three weeks I will be starting class at a vocational school. I will have my degree in a year and am hoping to get a job soon after (they are a placement center as well) and will then start schooling for an RN. I think the experience and training will really help me when in nursing school. Can't wait!!

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Good luck!

That brings up an interesting point, perhaps some other can shed some light on it. What do people think about actually working in the field prior to officially becoming an RN? When I talked it over with my brother, he said that it was a path that I wouldn't want to take, to go straight for my BSN while continuing to be a software developer.

I'm curious as to what the majority did, stay in the current job while in school, or quit and become a nurses aid or something similar?

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