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Hi, everyone:

From my classmates, we have orientation from 2 weeks - 12 months. How's everyone's orientation time? I think it's pretty much depends on different units.



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Hi, Grace. I'll be starting an OR internship in the middle of July, it will be a 9-month program. I'm totally looking forward to it! :)


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Hi Grace,

Each facility has their own policies on orientation. It does seem that the larger facilities have longer orientations and preceptorships. Personally, I think it should be standardized, but that is just my opinion. Just think of the confidence you can build with a longer orientation. That can be a very valuable thing.

My facility individualizes orientation to the orientatee. Some people pick things up really fast. Some people have to think it all through before coming to a conclution and then making it a habit and routine. I'm somewhere in the middle.



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My orientation was 6 weeks (with the option to extend to 8 weeks - whoopie), but the thing that bothered me was that it was the same whether you were a new grad or a nurse with 15 years experience just starting a new job there. Not enough in my book. I think twice that amount is the minimum that a new grad should have.

-Julie in NYC


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The ICU internship I will likely accept (trying to decide over the weekend) will give me at least 4 months but can be extended if I feel I need more time. Wow, I had no idea that some places have a whole year of orientation. That would be great. Hopefully, 4 months will be enough. :)

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