Length of hospital shifts in Arizona

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I am seriously considering moving to Arizona this summer but am curious about the shift length for RNs in most hospital floors. Is it 8 or 12 hours? Also approx how long does it take to get a AZ RN license by endorsement. Am a single momma looking for a new start with my little one. Any tips on hospitals to consider and ones to avoid will be greatly appreciated. Also what cities/neighborhoods are great to raise a child? Thanks for all your input.

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12 hour shifts for AZ. I had my license endorsed and I applied for temporary license which I got fast (I can't remember but it was around 1 month?). Then I got my permanent license 2 weeks after lol. But it depends, there are times when they are very busy too.

Thanks for the timely response. I was hoping for 8 hour shifts, just makes it easier to find child care.

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