Lehman college rejection


Hi! My name is Angie Nunez and I recently got rejected by The Lehman college nursing program. My letter said "there wasn't enough room and to reapply next year". But, I think it also has to do with the fact that my hesi score was not all that great. My grades are as follows:


A&p- 65


critical thinking-810

my overall science GPA is also a 3.34 and I'm wondering and questioning if I am just not going to get in. I want to retake the hesi exam and being that a&p score up, but I'm feeling discouraged. Has anyone else gone brought this? Should I apply to other schools? Is here a possibility to still get in? Any advice is welcomed. Please and thank you.

Specializes in Rehab, Ortho-Spine, Med-Surg, & Psych. Has 5 years experience.


Do not get discouraged. Apply to other schools, don't wait out a year.

Best wishes!