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Does anyone know of these two nursing schools in Florida that do hybrid RN-ADN program. The first is "Hosanna College of Nursing Inc, Miramar, Florida" and the second is " Hope college of arts and sciences Pompano Beach, Florida". These schools are listed in the Florida board of Nursing list but I still want to know if they are very authentic and standard.


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What kind of research have you done on the schools yourself? It's sad to see how any people here sign up for expensive nursing programs on the basis of less research than they would put into buying a new refrigerator or washing machine. It's good that you're asking.

Here's what can be found in a few minutes on the Internet:

Hosanna College of Health Sciences, Inc.:

It's a private, for-profit school, a corporation that is owned and operated by one man (?) It's approved by the state of Florida to operate (be aware that the state legislature in FL passed new legislation several years ago taking oversight of nursing schools away from the Board of Nursing and giving it to the state Department of Education, and relaxed the rules and standards for nursing schools in the state specifically in order to make it easier and cheaper to open and operate nursing schools. It's worth noting that both Hosanna and Hope are new schools that were opened since the state lowered the standards for nursing schools).

It does not have either CNEA or CCNE accreditation, although, to be fair, it's really too new a program to have either. The "school's" website actually says nothing about any kind of accreditation, even the phony kind of accreditation that most of the for-profit schools have, and, when you enter "accreditation" into the website's "search" function and hit your "Enter" button, nothing happens. That's pretty weird. Even the cheesy, for-profit schools usually have a page listing all the kinds of accreditation they have (hoping that prospective students won't know enough to realize that none of those accreditations really mean anything.

Part of the "About Us" page on the website is in Latin. (I have no idea if that's good or bad, but it's certainly weird.)

The state of Massachusetts is suing the school for operating an unlicensed school in the state of Massachusetts and defrauding Massachusetts residents who attended the school. In the suit, the state Attorney General describes the school's nursing program as "an ineffective, low-quality education that failed to provide a path to a nursing career...", and the complaint goes on to say, "Hosanna does not exist to train future nurses; instead, it exists to profit from each student's dream of becoming a nurse ...”

Attorney general sues unlicensed nursing school - The Boston Globe

Nursing School in Brockton Charged with Deceiving Students, Teaching Without License - Brockton, MA Patch

The school's NCLEX pass rate in FL for 2015 was 47%, which is abysmally low and would result in the school eventually getting shut down by the state if it doesn't improve significantly. http://floridasnursing.gov/forms/nclex_quarterly_pass_rates_4q.pdf

Hope College of Arts and Sciences:

Also a for-profit school. At least it posts on the website that it has the cheesy accreditation that most of the proprietary (for-profit) schools do. Not CNEA accredited. I guess the good news is that there's no indication online that any states are suing them ... :rolleyes: The NCLEX results are even worse than Hosanna -- the ASN program has a 2015 pass rate of 26%. Oddly enough, the school website says nothing about a BSN program, but the NCSBN NCLEX results shows that Hope graduated two BSN students last year, and they had a whopping 0.0% pass rate (both failed). Results are on the same website I linked above for Hosanna's pass rate.

Clearly, whatever else they may or may not be doing, neither operation is doing a decent job of preparing graduates for the licensure exam. Please do yourself a favor and don't get sucked in by either of these "schools." Best wishes for your journey!

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Hey guys, any one knows if there has been any changes in terms of pass rates and credibility for Hope College of Arts and Sciences as recently as 2018 and 2019?