VMI conference in Orlando- impressions??

  1. Hi all, I wanted to hear from others who attended the conference in Orlando last weekend. I saw Siri and TNbutterfly, who else was there?

    I had the most fantastic time!:roll It was wonderful networking with other experienced CLNCs, and the sessions I went to were all awesome! I have read through the conference book several times already. I ordered the CDs for the sessions I did not attend and I am looking forward to listening to those as well.

    The networking reception Friday evening was fun as well. We met many new people and I exchanged business cards with several people who would be great to subcontract with.

    So who else was there, and what were your impressions?

    Oh, one last thing....Vickie really is amazing. She just amazes me with her grace and style. She is truly such a motivation. And I couldn't help but notice the Jimmy Choo bag she was carrying Friday night!!!!
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  3. by   lynmark
    I also went to the conference and thought it was great. I tried to find Siri but never ran into her. It was my first conference, I was amazed at the number of people there, however I was also surprised at how few were active in the business. It is such a challenge to market and get your first client. It seems as though the people that are a success are doing GREAT, and the other 97% have done little or nothing. I hope to conquer those stats and secure my first client by June 1st.
  4. by   sirI
    Hello, 2boysmama and stradivariusrn!!!

    Was great meeting you, 2boysmama. So nice to put a face with the name/voice.

    stradivariusrn? Wish I could have met you as well. There were several from allnurses.com there.

    Good convention, yes. Much to take in for the first time. I remember my first one. I'll be utilizing some of what I gleaned from the meetings, too.

    I'm just now able to get back online. Had a MAJOR computer system failure on Saturday night and just now back up after a few days chest pain from the fear of losing important documents!! LOL....

    Maybe next year we can really prepare ahead of time to meet at the allnurses.com legal nursing booth!!!!!