The Legal Nurse Consultant and Liability Insurance

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    Many LNC's are inquiring, "Should I purchase the coverage?"

    The Legal Nurse Consultant and Liability Insurance

    In many cases nurses have been advised, for whatever the reason being, not to receive liability insurance. This advice can come from fellow colleagues, educators, employers, attorneys, and well-meaning friends. Personally, as an RN and APN, I would never consider practicing without it. But, that is yet another topic.....

    In saying the above, it stands to reason that I would never practice as an LNC without proper liability coverage.

    The LNC should be advised to receive proper coverage as it applies to the following circumstances:

    Damages resulting from negligent acts

    Damages resulting in errors or omissions on the part of the LNC in professional services rendered that are legally deemed to be negligent and that result in damage to the person, property, or legitimate interests of others

    Damages which should have been rendered in the LNC's professional capacity as a Legal Nurse Consultant

    Damages which may occur if an employee/client is injured during business operations

    Damages from allegations regarding the LNC company's failure to provide an adequate level of professional service which in turn causes the client to suffer monetarily from that failure

    Damages from privacy violation, slander, libel, assault, and battery committed in the conduct of the LNC professional services

    As an LNC, we provide many of the following services (not all inclusive):
    • Training and education for clients, fellow colleagues, the public at large
    • Medical-legal consultation
    • Guest speaker at seminars
    • Testifying as expert witness

    It is a personal choice to receive coverage. Every RN should educate him/herself about whether this is appropriate for their practice as a Legal Nurse Consultant.
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