1. I'd like to take a poll on everyone's opinion on the best software for case developement, timelines, chronology, ect. I'd like to see your pros and cons on the matter. Thanks.
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  3. by   RN Power Ohio
    I have CaseMap - I only use it for large cases or cases that I know I will be working on for years. I like the ability to put everything together when there is a lot of information. I am not a big fan of the final work product and often export it into another program for finishing touches. I also do not like that I cannot include a written analysis in the same report as the timeline but for big and complex cases it is really great.

    I change up my work product depending uopn the case and the client so I have several methods of doing things. I also like to put all my research in a pdf portfolio and mark it up with highlights and comments. This is usually very helpful to the attorney and shows them all of the lit I have used to formulate my analysis.

    Hope this helps
  4. by   sirI
    I also do not like that I cannot include a written analysis in the same report as the timeline but for big and complex cases it is really great.
    What do you mean here, RN Power Ohio? Are you referring to the fact you cannot feed in material to turn out a case report strictly from the timeline? Or, that you cannot input additional information within the same timeline you've created from the facts of the case?
  5. by   RN Power Ohio
    I mean that I do not like that I cannot include written analysis in a report book. Case Map is very good for chronologies and creating different chronologies by person or issue. However, in some cases I do quite a bit of research and analysis and make many different word document type reports that I prefer to have in a word document.

    I might like to have a report with different discussions as well as a line item fact. It would be nice if Case Map would incorporate a word document in a report book so that within the same document I could have my research and analysis report in the same "book" as my key facts, etc.

    Over the life of a case I might create several issue discussions that could either be educational (significance of bandemia) or research related (developement of SIRS guidelines and the current state of SOC)

    I have an older version of case map so maybe this is no longer an issue. It may also be that I do not fully appreciate all the features of Case Map.

    Is there a way to import a word document to include in the report book?
  6. by   sirI
    I understand.

    It is possible you are not totally familiar with what this software has to offer, RN Power Ohio. Which version are you utilizing?

    CaseMap does have capability to change any Word document to PDF and import into your existing case report. Also, when you use the Intake Interview Jumpstart feature to import a Word document with data, the software automatically creates a Report Book of the imported information.

    With the Timemap, you can edit any input to add/delete info as applies to your case. Once Facts are spilled over to Timemap, you can edit as you see fit.

    Maybe contact your CaseMap rep and discuss the issues you've brought up here??
  7. by   RN Power Ohio
    Thank you, I will call the rep and see what they say about this.

    I have used Time Map as you described that is pretty nice. I am now struggling with the decision to add multiple users to the program as I now have several sub-contractors working for me. It would be nice if we were all using the same program to create work product.
  8. by   sirI
    Good deal.

    Yes, I understand about adding multiple users, too. Not all my clients use this software, but been able to get some to. My sub-contractors all are users, however. Makes it much more easy to communicate.

    Good luck with this and hope you can utilize all the features to make your reports just like you want them.

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