Questions about LNC vs. law school

  1. Hi there... I have somewhat of an interest in LNC mostly as a bridge to a furture endeavor in law school. I was wondering if this experience could be valuable (mostly in the case of referral letters for school application, increasing general knowlegde of the application of the law etc.). It seems a) the certification can be obtained quickly and b)relatively inexpensively. However is this a practical thing??? It seems that actually breaking in to this field can require a lot of effort in the way of building client base and gaining experience. Is it feasable that I could become employed for an attorney or within a firm directly out of a program (I have looked into sveral University based courses as I am more comfortable with that setting). Ultimately I am planning on law school so would this be worth the time and effort? Would I be able to expect to make more money as a LNC than a RN? I am currently traveling and am open to location, maybe ready to settle down somewhere for a bit. Any ideas of the best cities for the LNC enterprise? I have 3 years of experience but a BSN with LOTS of credits as I took an extended route. I, however, feel that the years of experience required for any job depend on you and your employer, and this is both personal and negotiable. Any thoughts will be appreciated and pondered.
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