Nova's Masters in Health Law Degree

  1. I'm in process of applying for consideration for Nova's Masters in Health Law Degree. I had seriously considered the LNC courses but cost wise is comparable. I also see where I could utilize this could be more rounded in regards to versitility in the field. Has anyone done this or have information. If not take alook and see what your opinion is
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  3. by   A_New_Begining
    I think that it sounds like an interesting program! I wonder how long are the Institute sessions...I would consider the program based off the answer. I currently live in Houston so I would have to factor in travel to those sessions . I completed an LNC course thru Kaplan and would like to broaden my horizons with something like this!! Thanks for the post!!
  4. by   Lacie
    I dont believe any are over a 2-3 day period. Dont remember what the first visitation is for but the 2nd is to present your project (thesis) subject then the last is to give the presentation of your findings. It didnt seem too bad considering everything else is online and also not required to have GRE or a specific GPA pre-program. I had a very ill child when I was doing my BSN so spent more time in the ICU with my son then I did studying to keep it 3.0 or more lol. Priorities back then. I've checked abit more into it and seems many grads end up with the legal teams associated with the hospitals and other facilities. They have had the program awhile now but this year was the first time I guess they offered it online. $575.00/credit but most other online programs seem comparable in cost. Only offered once a year so final material for applicants has to be in this next time by July 30, 2010 so plenty of time to research it. I've pretty much decided to go with this as I do know Nova is an excellent school and has a great Law School for those wishing to get thier JD also.
  5. by   A_New_Begining
    I think that is awesome!

    Your original question prompted be to do a little investigation work on my own and I found a M.J. in Health Law thru Loyola University Chicago. It is 100% online as well and it too requires a couple of campus visits to present your thesis. I just completed submitting my application to the program! Thank you for opening my eyes to this program!!

    Good luck to you
  6. by   bbjt8
    I was wondering if you did the program at Nova (Masters in Health Law), and how was it? I have been looking at there website frequently and playing with the idea of applying next year. It sounds very interesting. Any thought??