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  1. Hello everyone. I am currently enrolled in an LNC program online and was wondering if there are any LNCs who are willing to network������. Would love to get to know all of you. And any help would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.
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  3. by   MBARN504
    Hi purple candy zzz

    I am interested in starting an online LNC program soon and would love to network as well. Reside in NOLA and my email address is
  4. by   MicsterRN
    I am extremely interested in LNC, as well. I'm in the infancy of my investigation into the field and the numerous considerations in formulating a plan for entry into the field.

    I popped over to LinkedIn to check on Legal Nurse groups, and I counted (6). Additionally, I checked groups on Facebook and there are (4) LNC groups.

    Let the networking begin!
  5. by   harmsALNC
    I am currently working as a surgery/endoscopy nurse but I am also an advanced legal nurse consultant. I am thrilled to hear others wanting to network. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out!
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  6. by   K8RN85
    Hello, I am new to this site but also exploring my options for LNC. Where did you start? Do you have opinions on the Milazzo program?
  7. by   harmsALNC
    I didn't take Vicki Millazo's course. I took LNC Stat courses from RN Market. I learned a ton and feel I am a more educated nurse and definitely more prepared as an advanced legal nurse consultant. I have now prepared and done 3 total cases and am working on my 4th case in the educational program from the courses I have taken from them. I have marketing materials they made for me personally to my specifications, and they are a phone call away if I have questions. I highly recommend them! PM me if you would like more information.
  8. by   ahemp63
    I am also interested in networking with other LNCs. I am in the state of Maryland.
  9. by   bklynbaby

    I am extremely interested in networking. Just completed a course through a local university. Right now looking for that first case
  10. by   sarahf81
    Hi everyone!! I am just starting out in researching legal nursing and thinking about taking the lncstat quick start course. I would love to network and get support from fellow LNC's. I live in mid Missouri. Not really sure how I will get started after i finish my course. So any advice would be appreciated. I am excited but nervous to start this new adventure.
  11. by   amanda182829
    I am also a new CLNC from MT. I would love to join the networking!!! I have had no luck so far
  12. by   amanda182829
    I recently tested through the Vickie Millazo institute. I have had no luck with networking or establishing clients.