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For those of you who have attended Vicki Milazzo's course, which level do you recommend? I am struggling with whether I should go for the VIP package with unlimited coaching, and all the resource... Read More

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    Siri: I see so many responses written from you I thought I'd drop a line. I finished Vickie's course several months ago but didn't pass the exam, yet. Would you believe I scored 69 out of 70? The position I'm in is this: I have business cards, I have created my own promo package but I have yet to obtain a client. At this time I don't have the money to pay for a retake of my exam-I do feel that being certified will help, though. I created a promo package and mailed one each to about 30 attorneys in my area (I live in south central Texas) and have only got about 4 replies back-none with offers of work. I even wrote about 5 insurance companies. I did find out, later, that I made some typographical errors. One would have been too many, I made several, but I don't believe that that could be the sole reason I received no responses. What do you think? Am I getting discouraged too soon? Do you have any tips on obtaining clients? I know that Vickie teaches marketing-maybe I am not going about it right or not trying hard enough. I don't know. I am a very, very type "A" person and want to accomplish everything yesterday (or, last week!!) Drop me a line when you have the time-maybe you can give me some tips to get off the ground. I am not even sure I want to work full-time. (To expalin that remark, I started working when I was ll and and am now 50. I am simply tired of working all the time. Since graduating nursing school 13 years ago I have frequently held down 2 or 3 jobs-1 full-time, 1 or 2 part-time. Not really for the money, even. Just to have something to do.) If I could get 1 or 2 clients and work 25-30 hours a week I would be happy. And now I have "bent your ear" long enough so I will sign off. I welcome a response from you or anybody that can help me. God's Blessings to all. MLF
    Hello, Donna,

    So glad you found the Legal Nurse forum. And, very glad you took the Milazzo course.

    What do you have in your marketing packet?? Also, have you done any "cold calls" as yet? You will get a better response with the calls. You also, need to telephone potential attorney-clients.

    Let me know what you have included in your marketing packet.
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