1. please remember this forum is the legal nursing forum. it is primarily for rns seeking the legal nurse consulting track as a career choice. on many occasions we have individuals who come to this forum seeking legal advice regarding a myriad of issues.

    this discussion board is designed to provide a forum where rns gather to discuss issues related to their legal nurse consulting specialty (lnc) and not a forum to give legal advice.

    *nothing posted or discussed here shall be taken or construed as legal advice.*

    nothing can replace the professional consultation and/or information you can get from an individual who is trained to give legal advice - the attorney. please, do not ask questions here of a personal legal nature or give legal advice to others who participate on these forums. if in doubt, always exercise your right to seek legal counsel.

    terms of service (tos) strictly prohibit the seeking or giving of any advice of a legal nature on if you have questions regarding tos or other issues, please feel free to send me a private message (pm) or read more about this in our terms of service, linked below:

    thank you for utilizing this board to further your career as an lnc. we look forward to reading your input and hope any information gathered here will provide the necessary boost you need in order to practice more effectively as an lnc.

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