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  1. Hi all the CLNCs out there.

    I am a Milazzo grad and proud of it. I have peds experience.
    What the program says about just do it is absolutley on target.
    I have spent the last two weeks visiting the court room on a case that I was involved to locate an expert witness. But to be there, behind the scene. To meet new attorneys and to mingle among those who we are wary of...well it is not as scary as it seems. Just show up. They have no idea what we are there for and how much they need us. It is for us to educate them.
    I met a pediatrician who was an expert for my lawyers. When I told him I was a nurse practitoner and that years ago no one knew what an NP was he commented that now you can't think of a Pediatrician without a PNP. Well the
    same goes for us. The lawyers can't do without us!
    I hope this forum becomes a much more vocal and useful place for us to communicate.
    Good Luck Successful CLNCs.

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    hello, bosch and welcome to allnurses.com and the legal nursing forum

    glad to have you with us. it is always nice to see other lncs come onboard.

    hope to see you around the boards. check out the other forums, too. you will enjoy it here.