Expert Witness Fees

  1. Greetings! Seeking a little guidance regarding fees for:
    1. Expert Witness locator- what is a typical "finder's fee"
    2. If we decide to subcontract the work- what are appropriate charges? Through my certification program (Jurex) one recommendation was $200/hr. That would be about right with another posting I saw to charge 3X's the typical hourly rate (we are in the suburbs of NYC- RN hourly salary is $50-70 depending on experience). Additionally travel reimbursement per IRS standards, meals, materials. Retainer fee (?) $500.00.

    A little background info: the firm is from upstate NY (salaries are typically much lower in this area, certainly less than where the trial is to be held). I don't want to scare aware, but don't want to underprice. Since this is our first go, I am a little hesitant. ANY help is appreciated.

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  3. by   sirI

    i sent you a private message about fees, mtd. we do not post exact numbers for the fees on the public boards.

    for others who are wondering how this is done, i advise the lnc as follows (only a brief example):

    i charge my hourly rate with a one-hour minimum.

    i charge a minimum of three hours of my time for locating a witness already in my database of experts. my fee is higher for locating experts outside my database.

    i charge a minimum of one (1) hour of my time for locating a witness already in my database of experts. i charge my hourly rate for locating experts outside my database with a two (2) hour minimum rate.
    hope this helps and good luck with your case.
  4. by   mtdnk
    Thanks- really helpful, and thanks for the software response as well!
  5. by   sirI
    You are quite welcome.
  6. by   KC4NSICRN
    I'd like to read your response on the fees if possible. Going through the same thing myself. Also, I belong to a Legal forum and the LNC's on there are always looking for expert referrals and they always say, "As always, willing to reciprocate." So does that mean they do not expect to get charged for finding this expert and will do the same for the responder who finds the expert?