Experience with the Kaplan University program?

  1. Has anyone had experience with the Kaplan U program? I am interested to hear from someone who can share their experiences there. Are you satisfied?
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  3. by   rnheart
    I am currently enrolled in the kaplan u program, it is very informative and user friendly. they are alot of help when i have had problems with the system. they want you to pass. as far as price goes is middle of the road with the other programs i looked into. I have decided that if I never use is a day in my career it has definitely made me look at my charting in a different light.
  4. by   coppertopRN
    I'm an online Kaplan BSN student and plan to advance to my MSN. I LOVE Kaplan. They really seem to use multiple avenues into the brain so that the students really "get it". Not just reading and test-taking. Web "field trips", PowerPoints, written/interactive and audio/written interactive seminars. Even my math class was awesome!

    I recommend it heartily to anyone that asks.
  5. by   JKidzMOM2009
    I enjoyed it too. The instructors were extremely helpful and answered all my questions very quickly. Some of them called me at home to make sure I was doing ok! (What other college instructor does that?) I never had to leave home. I did my classes (online) in my pajamas (and eating ice cream). I did not have to find babysitters for my 4 kids (which is great). I received my grades, diploma and transcripts very quickly.
  6. by   jynxa17
    glad everyone posted... i had a post somewhere else asking about online schools, because i had heard some awful things. glad to get a new perspective
  7. by   Emilynn09
    Does anything know about the Accreditation and how it is accepted? I am attending Kaplan College now, and they are accredited by the CA Board of Registered Nursing, and the ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges), so transferring to an MSN program is limited. They have a matriculation agreement with UoP and of course I can continue at the University they have online. Since I really like the school I was thinking of sticking with them to go onto my MSN. Since I have a BS in another field, I am looking into RN-MSN programs.