1. I am considering the CLNC course. I have noticed that Vicki Malazzo's course is quite short at 6 days where as Kaplan is a 12 mo course. What is the difference
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    Good to have you with us. I moved your thread to the Legal Nursing forum for a better response.

    You can read through the sticky threads found at the top of this forum about the Milazzo program as well as other programs.

    Here is one about her program:

    And, one for the AALNC:

    If you have other questions/concerns, just post here.

    We hope you enjoy the site.
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    Hello Lou Who. Welcome to the Legal Nursing Forum.

    There is lots of information here that can help you as you try to decide which course to take. Please feel free to post your questions here.
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    I chose the Kaplan route over VMI. I chose Kaplan because I felt I would actually learn more. It is self paced and I am aiming to complete it in 6 months. I just don't see me learning everything I need to know in one week. It seems more like a cram session to me. Also, what do you do if you have a question at VMI? You can't stop the lecturer from talking to ask a question. The class sizes are to big for me. I need interaction. I know there are people who swear by VMI and I am sure it's great for some. For me Kaplan is the way to go. If I have a question it gets answered. I have learned so much already. It's great!! Plus they have payment plans. You pay as you go as opposed to shoveling out all the money up front.

    Good luck with whatever you chose.
    If you have any specific questions related to Kaplan, feel free to ask me.
  6. by   Lou Who
    Im still searching for the "right" course of the CLNC to take. How do I know which is better. There are all prices, packages. Regaurdless of the low end cost or high end it is still a chunk of change to put out there. I want to be able to get my moneys worth. Also, has anyone heard of finding someone in their area and follow them for a day to see if it may interest them more?

  7. by   tnbutterfly
    I understand your concern regarding the costs of these programs. They are expensive. Some of these programs, such as the online program offered by AALNC, are pay as you go....meaning that if you decide this is not for you, then you can just stop. Unlike other courses, AALNC does not require the entire payment up front. They also have an 8 hour Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting CD available. You can find out more about this at:

    Vickie Milazzo also has an LNC intro. CD. You can request this from the VMI at

    If you can find someone in your area that you can shadow, that would be great.

    Good luck as you continue your research.
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    Hello, Lou Who,

    tnbutterfly has given you some excellent advice. Please check out those links.

    You may try to contact someone who does mentoring for the RN seeking the LNC career as well as mentor for LNCs. If you could actually physically shadow an LNC, that would be ideal, but if you cannot, communication with an actively practicing LNC is the second best choice.

    Good luck with your decision(s).