Any Opinion on RN Markets LNC Stat Course

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am thinking of doing a combination of formal and seminar training to get into LNC. I have read a lot of thoughts on the VMI Course and some of the other formal education courses but has anyone taken or looked into the LNC Stat course.

    My reasoning for taking the formal education is to really get beefed up on the legal processes and legal writing and presentation aspects of the field and then using the seminar format to learn how to market myself as an RN/LNC to the Lawyers. I have read some of the comments about the VMI course and it sounds like the 6 day seminar is a little to "Yea, look what I did. Don't you want to be like me?" Am I mistaken or does it sound a little to "self helpish".

    The LNC Stat course looks a little more like a serious marketing course, being that it is offered by RN Market, A marketing company. If I'm wrong please let me know. I just want to make sure that I get the best education that I can afford and that will teach me the essential I need to have the best chance to succeed at the is endeavor.

    Any information you may have about the difference in the courses would be greatly appreciatied.

    Slightly overwhelmed,

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  3. by   lac1027
    I haven't seen anyone mention the LNC Stat program through RN Market. I went to the site and remember seeing it before and can't remember why it wasn't going to be one of my options. There are 4 staff members they show on their site. I did a search on Veronica and found her own website. She received her LNC from the Millazo Institute. Sherry who is also on Veronic's site, but I don't know where she got her LNC from. I would like to read if anyone else has any experience with this organization.
    Sorry I can't help you.
  4. by   lac1027
    I did call RN Market today. Give them a call.
  5. by   sirI
    The LNC Stat program does have a good marketing aspect. I know of a few who have utilized this program and are quite satisfied. Veronica is a CLNC, yes, and is quite knowledgeable as LNC. She has a very successful program.

    I've had the pleasure of getting to know her as well.

    One must research the many different avenues to the LNC career.
  6. by   Agnus
    I foolishly ordered her book Legal Nurse Consulting the LNC Marketing Handbook. I was soaked $45.00 and $6 shipping.

    As soon as I opened it I wanted to demand my money back. I am keeping it to remind me of a point she states well.

    She says "You will get business no matter what, if yout try hard enough..."

    This book is a prime example. It makes me want to lobby to outlaw self publishing. Seriously it rankes #2 among the worst written books I have ever read. Yes those are extreemly strong words.

    With that said she is making money hand over fist with this book and 8 others she wrote and self published. If she can do this with such sorry product I have no doubts about what I am capable of.

    I generally do not slam books even ones I find generally useless (much of the advice is not much better than her writing ability)

    Evidently there are those who aparently adore her and see here as thier savoir. If you find it useful then by all means buy.

    There are much better marketing books out there. I am personally so unimpressed by this book that you will not catch me buying anything else from her.
  7. by   magicman
    Hi all!'s been too long. We must talk again and soon! I'll contact you some time this coming week.

    As for the RN Market course, I took the home study version. It has some good, solid information in it and does give you a good overview of the profession. It also gives you a basic understanding of what LNC's do, how they do it, marketing, etc. The basic information is going to be the same no matter what course you finally decide to take (VMI/RN Market/Kaplan/AALNC online program, etc.). The difference is (1) price, and (2) customer support (especially after the course). VMI is one of the oldest organizations and has a vast network and some great support services. Some are free, some cost extra. RN Market gives support also, has a smaller network (by virtue of being newer in the field) and also offers other support services (again some free, some for fee). Would I recommend it based on my expericnce? Yes. Would I recommend it over any of the others? No. That has to be YOUR choice.

    As for Veronica's self published books, I have read a couple of them also. While there is a lot of self hype in them (she tells you what she did and how her company can help you), they DO offer some good information and advice. And I must say, if you're self publishing a book about your profession, and you offer a program for others to learn more about that profession, it only makes sense to make the pitch. It's just one more way to market your services. To lambast someone for that, IMHO, is wrong. Be jealous if you want, of her moxy to take the initiative to write and publish what she has, but don't put her down for it. Do they contain hype for her services? Yes. Are they only meant as that? No. They DO offer some good information about the profession and some ideas on how to approach the business portion of it. As with ANYTHING you read, you must not blindly follow ANYONE. Instead, take the self initiative to do your homework and "due dilligence" about each program AND the profession as a whole.
    If you want to know more about RN Market and their program, or anything else with the profession, I'd be happy to discuss it with you privately......feel free to PM me thru here.

  8. by   sirI
    Hello, Paul. Good to see you posting. Yes, will look forward to hearing from you later this week.

    Excellent advice in your response!!! Thank you.
  9. by   sirI
    I will ask that the discussion please refrain from personalizations. This serves no useful purpose. We can agree to disagree on some topics/issues. But, this type of debate is not necessary.

    And, I thank you for your professionalism.
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  10. by   jls121
    Hi, I may have some info to share. I have recently spoke with Veronica Castellna, lnc stat is a susiderary of Rnmarket. She spoke with me for over an hour, and answered some very pointed questions. To her credit, she was the only person to provide me with names and numbers of actual grads from her program. She gave me three from her first course and three from her most recent course. I was able to speak with them and get feed back, and find out if they have benifitted from her course. If you call their number, I am sure they can acccomadate you. I have spent NUMEROUS HOURS researching the various programs. Thus far I have not found anything that I feel suites my needs better.
  11. by   nursey46
    Hello all- i have taken the alnc and the clni from RN MARKET. I thought the courses were excellent and would recomend them to anyone who is looking to enter the legal nurse profession. The classes are small and you get individual instruction and all the time you want to get anything explained. Veronica, Ryan, and Ted are excellent instructors and are very knowledgeable in all aspects of legal nursing and marketing yourself or business. I would encourage you to give them a call and make up your own mind after talking to them. Good luck. nursey46
  12. by   jls121
    I am glad to hear that you were pleased with the course. I am still debating on which direction to go. Would like to speak with you re what happened after you finished, (any clients yet?, how was the marketing part of the course? ect) you can pm me or post. thanks jls121
  13. by   themisplnc
    I want you to know that I am a practicing PLNC and I took many courses before finding LNC stat and RN Market. Veronica Castellana and Ryan Sanchez are the ones in the business who truly care that you are able to initiate your own business, and if you get stumped, guess what...they will lead you through it because there is unlimited mentoring. What else could any of you guys ask for? They offer many courses that u can take that will better increase your skills & knowledge after the LNC course. I am also a Certified Product Safety Specialist. For u guys making opinions, its A Certified Product Safety Specialist(CPSS). Veronica & Ryan are personal friends of mine. There are some things on here that were downright disrespectful & additionally unprofessional. I hope that u will learn how to be tactful and professional when speaking of fellow nurses. If you want a LNC get it from LNC Stat. I am speaking from experience and dollars later. I am a practicing Profgessional Legal Nurse Consultant because of Veronica, Ryan, and LNC stat. I plan to take their Forensics course.

    Respectfully to you all....
  14. by   MyLove4FL
    What is the market like for LNC out there?? A big demand or not really? Is it more like being a self-contractor in order to obtain work or how does it work? Any info would be great! Thanks!!