A legal question about charge nurses

  1. I pose a situation to all experienced LNC's...have you come up against this and how would it look in the court room???

    Recently in our hospital there has been a push for a union and management is doing all they can to squash anyone who has a voice, namely me among others.
    Anyway here is the situation. I have been a charge nurse on the unit for about 6 years. Most others have drifted through but I have been steady and with no dinges in my flie. Well since the union thing came along they decided to have permanent charge RNs and had an interview process for it, Needless to say I didn't get the position.
    But who did was 1 RN completely qualified(a friend and a good RN), 1 RN there a year and has had more complaints in 6 months that I had in 6 years and a post partum RN that doesn't know L&D or SCN( which the "super charge RN" is also in chargeof those units.

    My question (the backround story tells you that I am angry) is , how liable legally is this super charge for the whjole unit and knowing exactly what is going on, especially when some one goes up the chain of command.And how liable is management for this situation. Does anyone think I should fight for my job? I have been approach by many, many RNs on the unit who were appalled by the decision. I pretty much knew this was going to happen all along.

    Thanks for your help,
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This is a question most out of our league at this board. I guess it comes down to, do you wish to fight for your job and are you willing to go the long stretch?

    Other than that, you have a legal issue on which no one can really advise you how to proceed on this board. I feel your frustration and don't blame you one bit for it.

    But in the end, it will be up to YOU to:

    a. decide if you wish to fight
    b. seek necessary legal counsel to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Good luck whatever you do decide to do about this. I wish you the best.