A few questions about Legal Nurse Consulting.

  1. Hi, I have been interested in LNC for some time. I have only been an RN for 4.5 years and in Feb will be 5 years. I know the AALNC prefers at least 5yrs to start practicing as a LNC. Obviously more experience will be better, but I am wondering if my amount of experience would be good? I do work in a very busy Medical/Surgical ICU and a Cardiac ICU and have for all my nursing career. And I do agency on the side.

    I am taking the AALNC online course now and am very excited about it. I read through some posts here and got a bit discouraged. I have heard that LNC's are in high demand and attorneys really respect and appreciate their help. One post mentioned an attorney stated " LNC's are a dime a dozen" and that she doesn't get much work. These comments have stuck with me.

    I am not in LNC to make tons of money (although it would be nice), I would just like to make at least what I make now. I plan to keep doing critical care for more experience but if I became an LNC & was good at it, would hope to drop to part time. I am just very interested in putting my nursing experience to work in a different way and I find Law very interesting. I am interested in going to Law School but the $$$ and personal investment is a bit much.

    Any thoughts or suggestions???

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  3. by   sirI
    hello, silverstarrn and welcome to allnurses.com and the legal nursing forum

    great to have you.

    there will be naysayers when discussing this career choice. you must view some comments tongue-in-cheek and then let them go.

    i think you have great experience. i agree with the 5 years as well. 4.5 is the better part of 5 years!!!!! go for it!

    the work will come if you are dedicated enough to market yourself. please check out the stickies in this forum (found at the top of this forum) on helpful hints for marketing.

    and, if you have other questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to post here and/or send a private message to me.

    i'm always glad to assist the nurse!!!

    enjoy the site.