Lee Memorial Travel Contracts?


Is it possible to get a travel contract with Lee Memorial Health Systems during "season"? If so, who handles their contracts? Thanks in Advance.


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You may get more responses if you include the city and state of the hospital's location. For example, someone may chime in with a report on a nearby hospital.

I have two suggestions for a fast answer. One is calling the hospital's HR (or staffing) directly and ask them if they use travelers and if so, which ones? Some hospitals have their own in house travelers where you can contract directly with the hospital.

The "other" travel nurse forum (Google will find it) has a forum just for recruiting in which you can post questions. Lots of travelers do just that for specific hospitals or locations with great results. I can promise that a lot of recruiters will find an available L&D nurse very interesting and will work hard to get you what you want!


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I work at Lee Memorial during season. Many of the nurses I worked with there are on travel contracts. I don't think there was any certain agency, they all seemed to use different ones. Lee also has an internal staffing agency with PRN or full time contracts. I work through that system. The whole process is online.


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Lee Memorial of Ft Myers Florida is in SERIOUS trouble this season as far as staffing is concerned. The past season was brutal, espcially in the emergency rooms. People stacked up waiting for admission to the hospital, many for over a week. Angry pts, angry Dr's and stressed our overworked nurses. On the floors they have been admitting pts to the waiting rooms and hallways. No privacy. I actually had to do bowel prep on an 84 year old lady who's admission meant in a hallway next to the EMS bay in the E. The majority of their permanent staff in the ER's have left. The pay is incredibly low, the pt load is heavy and screaming and SICK. They will offer nurses incredible bonus's to sign on then do everything they can to make a good nurse quit. Unless they are able to pay huge pay they will have serious trouble staffing their hospitals.