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I am doing some (nonacademic) research on the reasons why nurses are leaving their chosen profession. I know there has been much discussion on the many issues (salary, benefits, hours, working conditions, etc.), but I am interested in hearing the emotional side of making the decision to leave. I know many have become disillusioned w/the quality of their work and their lives now, which may be much different from when they started nursing. I've contacted some of the BB readers, but for others who would be willing to answer a few questions/share their stories (anonymously, of course), please contact me. Thank you!

Hi Casey47. Part of the emotional side of nurses leaving the profession is that our clients/patients are not getting the care they need. We do not have the time to focus on those "little things" that are so vital to a patient/family's recovery and understanding of their condition. For instance, we may have a patient that has a dressing that needs changing and the patient may be perfectly capable of doing it him/herself. But, because of the bottom line, we are not able to provide adequate time and instruction which puts that patient at risk. Hopes this helps.

:) Hi Casey,

I had a very successful 13 year career. At one time, I remember saying "I have the best nursing job in this hospital." And, I meant it. After I became a mom, none of that seemed to matter. I was desperate to be home with my 2 babies. Long story short, I have found a wellness company, that I work for, and in one year, have matched my 13 year career in nursing..And, am extremely excited about the next year, and the next year......

please feel free to contact me, anytime, Kathy.

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I have just made the decision to leave bedside nursing for so many reasons. I am a mother/baby nurse and in that area, the hormones really fly. I'm sick of being treated like i was hired for room service, i'm tired of hearing the call bell, i'm tired of being the referee for the baby-mama-drama and honestly, I just don't have what it takes to "nurture" or whatever they call it. Actually, I have never been a "people" person and with bedside nursing, you HAVE to be a people person. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about being a research nurse. There is a pediatric research position i'm interested in.

I honestly think i'll be much happier growing fungus in a petrie dish so i didn't have interact with people all the time. Sigh:confused:

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