Leaving new job while on training, but stuck w/ non-compete contract



I am in a sticky situation as a new NP grad.

I just stated this new NP position and signed a non-compete contract prior to accepting the position. I love this job but hate the working environment and this specific NP mentor. I have been w this new job for 1 month. The training per plan will go on for another 2 months.

I had years of RN experience and should be able to find another NP job of the same NP specialty with my previous RN organization. Unfortunately, my previous employer is a large organization and is within the distance of the non-compete contract.

I am.planning to leave if the concerns that I am about to tell this NP or manager are not reciprocated or taken seriously. Specifics are not listed here because I am in the process of writing things up prior to discussing with this specific mentor (pls note that another new NP also experiences the same unprofessional treatment from her).

My question is: since I am still on training and have no patient panel of my own, would they still reinforce the non-compete contract and restrict me from seeking new employment with my previous employer? What have your experiences or knowledge of this (leave during training but had a non compete contract) been?

I understand I should seek legal advice from.a lawyer and ask the current employer directly. However I am going to wait until addressing the issue with this NP and manager. I am afraid the favor is not on my side as it is a small group of NPs, this NP has been with them for few yrs, and I am new. In general, I cannot stand working/training with this NP again and he/she has been (my strong suspicion based on her expression) discussing these with other few NP mentors. I worked with other NP mentors before without receiving unprofessional or destructive critism like this one. But these NPs and the one I have issue with are best buddies and listen to each other's input regardless (also confirmed by the other new NP).

Thanks for your input.

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Hmm...yes I think a lawyer would be your best bet as this is more of a legal question regarding your contract.

As to the interpersonal issue - if you feel you can't stick out another 2 months and then be on your own, again I would contact a lawyer.