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Leaving my LTC job


Hello. I guess this is part rant, part question. Without giving too much detail, I have decided to part ways with my current employer, and just submitted my letter of resignation. I was hoping to stay on at least one more month until I had a few more of my ducks in a row, but just couldn't take it any longer. I could go on and on about my complaints...such as nurses being reported to the state for minor issues...making employees stay over for shifts and management refusing to find coverage for the next shift so they can go home...to name just a couple....but most of all it is the DNS's ATTITUDE that gets me...she is passive aggressive and you get the idea that she is just fed up and had it up to here...regularly talks about and complains about her nurses behind their backs and treats them like they don't know anything...it's little wonder this facility has such high turnover and the nurse who has been here the longest has only been here TWO YEARS (and even he is looking for another job!)...and has had a poor reputation for years as being "bottom of the barrell" in terms of working environment. I have literally nothing to go to except on call work and agency but I'm not going to live in the fear of putting my license at risk any longer. This morning, in fact as I was thinking of the letter of resignation I had given them, I began to panic and my heart started beating rapidly...I have been experiencing chest pain like never before since working here. This is a company that cares only first and foremost about its bottom line. and that means (1.) getting out ON TIME (2.) TONS of paperwork and just to add to the fun, ALL PAPER CHARTING.

I don't feel good about the prospect of possibly leaving before the two weeks is over, but it's that bad. Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts/suggestions?

How long did you last? Haha! I was in the same position too and two weeks into it I was dreading every day I had to come to work..it was thaaat bad but lo and behold...I stuck it out and I was fine...I got used to all the issues around. I can name a few but you get the gist....there's too many to mention. I could have stayed longer of not for my high risk pregnancy but that would mean me putting my baby at risk too. It's not worth the trouble. I was on.mat leave for practically the whole pregnancy and after I gave birth I was already decided on not coming back. Just make sure you have other options before quitting. It's hard to find job nowadays. :-)

I'm in my 7th month. My heart goes out to the people who live there. I understand there are budgets to be met. But there is no excuse for the way the nurses get treated. I really don't have anything to go to except on call work for now. Hopefully I will find something else soon. Until then I'm stuck doing agency and with having no benefits :(.

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What a terrible situation. I'm glad you are taking necessary actions to remove yourself from it. The DNS you described seems absolutely incompetent. Please believe me when I say that it will get better... and a good manager makes all the difference. As you look for a new job, keep that in mind. Be sure to 'interview' the managers when they are interviewing you. Department turnover is also a key indicator of the quality of a manager.

Best wishes - sending you big job hunt MOJO!!!