leave after 1 year or should I stay 2 yrs?

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I made to almost 1 year at my current NP job. I had thought about leaving since day 1 due to toxic coworkers and unfair pay. 

Only reasons I am thinking about waiting is that I am gaining valuable inpatient experiences, relatively good hours and I actually like the type of work. 

I have not seen many better opportunities popping up. Monopoly here. To go to a new job, I have to learn a new specialty from the beginning. I could still ran the risk of working with toxic people again, and I may not get a pay raise.

Any thoughts? thanks in advance!



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Start looking. It doesn't hurt to look and apply. If you get a job, leave. If they're not paying you well you don't owe them anything. They're taking advantage of you and deserve to be left high and dry 

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Are you certain that you'll need to start from scratch when switching specialties? Many skills from your current job may be transferable. Considering the impact of a toxic work environment on your mental health, it might be better in the long run to explore new job opportunities. As MentalKlarity mentioned, it doesn't hurt to apply for roles. This can provide interview experience and insights into different work environments. Wishing you the best!

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