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My hospital has decided to have a core group of R.N.s that can scrub and I have excitedly volunteered. Does anyone know of any good websites that would have pictures and names of the instruments? Also, any helpful hints on scrubbing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Hey! I am a Surgical Technician and I am here to your rescue! =-) I got my degree about 3 years ago b/c i knew i wanted to be in the medical field but I wasn't sure ecactly where or how. Scrubbing in the OR gives you a chance to see different prospective job options. I have decided to go into nursing since then. I still have, from school, pictures and descriptions of about 200 instruments. If you would like a copy, email your address to me and I will be happy to send it to you. If you need anything else just let me know!

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I had about a week of lead time from when my manager gave me the dates I'd be in the OR. I pulled one of the c/s count sheets and googled images for all the instruments. I did have our scrub look them over to make sure i got the correct pics, and gave me hints (kochers look like straight kellys with a tooth on the end, metzenbaums are long and thin, while mayos are short & stubby, etc) After that I used them like flash cards with the name on the back side.

Oh, and I'm happy to say for a true crash... you really do only need a couple knives and a couple clamps :coollook:


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That is a great idea! I hope your facility keeps it up as other nurses come along. Being a surgical tech for 9 years (2 in L&D) and recently graduated from nursing school, I remember nights at work when I had a crash and while in the crash it was another and no nurse knew how to scrub and they just picked the newest one b/c they knew at least a little something. They still came over in my o.r. and got me after the baby was out so I could go scrub in.

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