LCSW AND PMHNP - questions!


Hello everyone!

I am currently doing my MSW at University of Texas - Arlington. I really love the program so far. I am specializing in mental health/sub abuse. I plan on getting my LCSW license ASAP. I love being able to do talk therapy and explore different therapy options. However, I also realize that many clients are going to benefit from a prescriber. There is a huge shortage of psychiatrists and psych NPs can greatly help to meet that demand. I feel that both my clients and my career would benefit the most if I obtained my LCSW and did the direct entry (or whatever it's called for non-nursing majors) PMHNP program. I realize that all of these programs have prerequisites so I am thinking of taking one prereq at a time while doing my MSW. I've always been great at biology and A & P so I do not think this would kill me. The MSW program has not been horribly difficult.

Do any of you have suggestions on good programs I could look into? I've been trying and Google doesn't seem to help much. There's lots of questionable online universities that pop up (not a fan).

Do you know how it works to have both an LCSW and PMHNP license? I know I can independently practice with my LCSW, but is that also true with the PMHNP? Would I need to work under someone? How would billing work? I assume I can bill as both licenses.

Thank you so much! I wasn't sure where to put this on the forum.


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Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this up. I got my MSW in 2015 and have been working as a psychotherapist in New York and California. I am looking to apply to a MEPN program to become a PMHNP. From my understanding, full practice authority varies by state. Here's a good list I found:

I took most of my prereqs at Johns Hopkins online because they're approved by UCSF where I plan to apply. I completed them fairly quickly and didn't find them exceptionally difficult, while working full time. I think it'd be pretty easy for you as well, since you mentioned that your MSW program hasn't been very difficult (mine wasn't either, heh).

Good luck to you! Really look forward to others chiming in who are/have been in similar positions.