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I recently applied to the RN/ASN program at LBCC (Long Beach City College). I was wondering if anyone has and been accepted? If so what was your GPA, and did you apply more than once? I have completed all my pre-reqs for the program, I am taking 1 class this term to full-fill an "optional" course (health). I earned a 4.0 in all of my science courses and all but 1 of my general ed. (I got a B in english). I guess I'm a little nervous as to whether or not I will be accepted. Can you give any insight? also have you completed the program yet? How was it? Were you prepared for the NCLEX Have you found a job? easily? Thanks for your help, I truly appreciate it! I am soooo looking forward to starting this program! I can't wait! It's taking me a while to complete my pre reqs, due to my husband being a firefighter in the military (we had to move around a lot), now he is out and we finally are settled in southern california and I can now focus on my goal! Any insight will help! Thanks!



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Hey i go to LBCC too, and i have the same questions that you do. Who did you take for micro, and do you know how many people they accept into the program? Thanks .


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Hey! I actually took micro at a different school, in OR. I heard that they accept about 60 per term. I actually am not sure though. Are you taking micro? When do you plan on applying to the program?


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I plan on taking micro in this fall, and i hope to apply in about a 1yr.:)


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Take micro with Dr. *****!!! Shes the best!!!

Good luck


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with Dr. who????


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thanks girl!


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