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Hey all neonatal nurses,

Just wanted to ask about managing care of late preterm infants. Does your hospital automatically admit late preterm infants to your NICU/Special Care Nursery?

I am a staff nurse at a Level 2E Special Care Nursery and we are looking to change how we manage care for late preterm infants. We are interested in learning how other hospitals care for this special population. We currently admit all infants /=35 weeks are observed in the SCN for 24 hours. If the infant is feeding well and glucose checks are within normal limits for 24 hours, they are transferred to Postpartum to room in with mom and stay with mom until discharge.

Thank you for your help!

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No, automatic admits are

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No, we only automatically admit babies less than 35 weeks.

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Where I have worked (level 2 nsy) kiddos 36wks and up roomed in with parents, but required AC glucoses, vitals q3hrs, be fed q3hrs, and be supplemented with either formula or donor breast milk. They stayed a minimum of 48 hrs.

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One place I worked automatically admitted

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My only bit of wisdom re: late term infants is this: Never, ever trust a 35 weeker. They can, and will, turn on a dime.

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