Late Obra & Casper Reports


We completed a Casper "Missing Obra Assessment" report and it popped up with some surprises... Like some missing obra assessments from prior to my taking this position... Long overdue.

Obviously, I will get these promptly completed but what do I need to expect as far as Medicaid goes as far as repercussions? I am, for lack of a better term, very anal about my stuff being submitted in a timely manner and it upsets me that I have this awful looking report from Casper.


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When an OBRA MDS is missed during a case mix collection period, the default pay rate will be applied. It is a flag for surveyors. When it becomes habitual and rampant then it is a major compliance issue with possible monetary penalties (state-dependent). Suffice it to say, they would want to see what the facility is undertaking to avert mistakes and to comply with the regs.

Depending on how late the missed MDS is, assess the resident status now and review the care plans, preferably with the IDCP team. If there are no significant changes, complete the missed assessment w/ ARD today. Update the care plans. Submit the MDS. Yes it will be flagged late (as expected) but this late assessment will now put the assessments in the QIES in correct sequence.

If the missed assm't is already superseded by another, there is no point in filling the void. The facility's plan of corrections should be in process or already in place.


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It seems that these assessments were actually "expiration within facility"- not annuals or quarterlies- once I looked up discharge dates, etc. I'll get them completed and hopefully we'll get all of this mess back on track. Thanks for your guidance on this issue...

Also, on the subject of Casper reports, what are the reports typically run in a facility and how often do you run them? Or is this something folks even utilize? I had no idea these tools existed until our newest DON came back from training and informed me of these reports.