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too late to apply?

Nurse-One specializes in future speciality interest: Nurse Midwif.

I've been accepted to Massbay LPN evening program for fall 2007, it will take 2yrs to complete. I chose the evening program because I was told that it was the only one that had any seats left.

I really want to be in the DAY program of the ADN or LPN which is shorter compared to the evening program. I'd settle for the evening ADN program if I couldn't get into any of the day programs. I just don't think, for me, that its worth going to school for two years just for an LPN certificate, especially since my final goal is to get a Masters as a Nurse-Midwife, which will take me even longer to complete by spending 2 yrs getting my LPN certificate.

Does anyone know if its to late to change my major to ADN and get accepted for the fall 2007 semester this late in May? Is it worth the risk of not being in any program by trying to get in as a ADN student? Any info about the two programs would be helpful- THANKS

dtrmnd2sccd specializes in ICU.

From what I understand having attended the Health Careers info session at MassBay, ADN admittance depends on the GPA of MassBay credits, and # of MassBay credits (15-20 credits were what most accepted students had last year, and about a 2.8 GPA, I believe). Their deadline for Spring (PT/nights) is June, their deadline for fall is sometime in the winter, I think (I'm applying for the pt PM program, so I'm not sure on that).

So yes, I think you're too late to apply for this fall...

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