Last Year in Cali then Boston



My name is Michelle and I am a nursing student in California. I am going to graduate in May of 2017 with my BSN and take my Boards over the summer. I am hoping to move out of state to Boston where some of my family is. (Cousin is a Medical Assistant at Tufts his wife an RN at MGH). I know the job market is a bit tough right now and it will be competitive there. I was hoping someone had some advice for how I can make myself competitive through this last year. My GPA is a 3.83, I did 100 hours of volunteering before school, I plan to do some medical mission trips this year, I have 1 year of waitressing plus 2.5 years working on campus with data entry, I am the Director of Student Support for my CNSA for this year and I am a mentor for another student nurse. I have no medical experience outside of clinicals. Should I be looking for a CNA job? (Not sure how much time I have) or is waitressing again okay? I am going to do my ACLS in Spring and hopefully precept in critical care. I am also visiting and hopefully talking to some HRs in Boston this December.

Thank you so much for any resume tips or other advice you can give!