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Hey! I am in my final semester which is leadership where I attend. 50% of our test ?s are from the leadership material and 50% are NCLEX ?s. Anybody got any tips for studying for this class? My first test I got 84 which I was ok with. The last test I got a 66. I need some ideas on how to study better for these tests. I am using Saunders for the Nclex part and my leadership text for the other. Thanks...WCH:uhoh3:

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Are you using some kind of leadership textbook? Check the preface of the textbook carefully for any indication that there might be a publishers or author's website for students with learning resources to help learn and understand the material. Leadership is an area where students get little to no clinical experience which makes it harder to understand. Trying to answer NCLEX type application questions using theoretical material that is just that, theoretical to you, is most likely what is making it difficult. Real world examples in leadership problems are hard to come by as a student. All I can suggest is that you make outlines of the theoretical knowledge you need to know for the tests and perhaps do some looking on the Internet for information that reiterates it in order to help you learn it. When you are taking your tests don't be too quick to answer those NCLEX type problems until you have thought on them a bit. Sometimes the theory involved with the problem may take a little time for your brain to figure out.

When I became a supervisor, my first step into management, I really discovered how much I didn't assimilate from my leadership class. I had to literally learn it all over again, only I had to apply it on a practical level. Without a doubt, it was much harder than mastering any hands on physical nursing skill.



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Thank you for the ideas.

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