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I feel like I just started and now I'm posting about my last semester! So far my teachers have one posted about our med-surg class... Just waiting for psych to be posted...

Our first two weeks of assignments have been posted. First chapter is about Cerebrovascular accidents. So I've been reading the chapter, doing the assigned study guide chapter that follows the text and making note cards.

Monday is a all day simulation lab. Then the 31st starts clinicals. Which include skilled care, diabetic renal and several other units.

11 weeks of class left, then getting in 100 hours of leadership at hopefully a cardiologists office ::fingers crossed:: wound care is my second choice. And graduation.

Something super silly though, I've been wanting this white coat clipboard with nursing information on it since I started school. And I've finally decided to buy it! It folds up and fits into scrub your scrub pocket, has useful information on it which is helpful to students and new grads... And I am forever leaving my folder with my paperwork in it on units, on COWs and wherever I happen to set it down.

Happy nursing everyone!

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