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Last Semester Practicum


Please help me choose wisely for my Practicum. We get to choose our top three units for possible placement. I *think* Id really love to work in the ER someday but not sure if that unit is good for my practicum plus, the competition will be very high for that unit.

Where is the best unit for me to have a really really good learning experience? Also, how is LTAC for a possible practicum spot?

I just want to learn as much as possible and really sharpen my skills during this time. Please help!

I did my last clinical rotation which was role transition in the ER by mistake and I absolutely loved it. I applied to the ICU initially, however didn't have a preceptor available on that specific unit so my instructor assigned me to the ER. I was very nervous and doubtful that I would be able to handle it but looking back it was an amazing clinical experience. I think that if that's what you're interested in doing in the future, definitely pursue it now to get that hands on experience. You have to be quick on your feet, anticipate patients needs, know where all equipment is located, and be able to show initiative and jump to opportunities when they arise. It was the best mistake ever because now as a new grad I feel so much better prepared and know what to expect in the real world so I definitely recommend it. I know I want to pursue ER nursing in the future but for now I'm about to start as a trauma medsurg nurse in a week. Good luck to you!

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