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Hey guys!! I've been a member on here for quite some time now but just have mainly lurked, read articles, etc. Anyways, I'm currently a 3rd semester LVN student here in SoCal and I JUST finished my cumulative final for the module (A'ced it, woohoo! lol) and passed my Med-Surg Hesi for the module as well (passed on 2nd try....a RELIEF). I attend a private school/program and how it works is at the end of each semester ("module") we take our last chapter exam, cumulative Final Exam, AND the Hesi and we must pass them all (in addition to passing our chapter exams throughout the semester) and complete the module successfully with atleast a 75% average. I got my test results and overall class results yesterday and was told that I've successfully completed this semester and now its' on to my final semester of LVN school that starts....tomorrow 😓😭!!

The pressure is on, now more-so than any time, to make sure I stay on top of my studies, assignments, clinical assignments and these exam grades. I would just like to give anyone that is currently in an LVN program or perhaps thinking about embarking on this journey some words of motivation. YOU CAN DO THIS!! Yes, it's very difficult and time consuming, BUT if you want it bad enough you will definitely be fine. I work full-time (40hrs+ per week, and have done so since day 1 of the program) whilst going to school full time, and let me be the one to tell you that there will be times when you feel like just giving up and questioning "Why in the world am I putting myself through SO much torture..!?" but as cliche as it may sound, you have to keep in mind the bigger picture!! Try your best to not lose sight of this and to try not to let life's obstacles get in the way (because surprisingly....life doesn't stop while being in the program; even though your instructors may seem insensitive to whatever it is you may be going through). I have had almost EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong during this program, go wrong (short stent of unemployment/job change, death of a VERY close family member, commute issues, schedule issues @ work that prompted me to be late to lecture multiple times) but with faith and perseverance I made it through and if I can do it, you can do it as well! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.....if you're an adult that has to work while in school due to having pertinent responsibilities to handle and you can't quit, you can do it!! Don't let schools and people steer you away from accomplishing a goal/dream that you have set forth for yourself with their negative talk.....in addition to me, there are plenty of others who work (sometimes multiple jobs) and have other responsibilities (kids, spouse, taking care of elder family members, etc.) while in school and they all find a way to somehow make it work for them.

So, I just wanted to share a few words of encouragement for anyone that just needed to read this for a little extra motivation. Stay focused, stay lowkey, and keep grinding and before you know it you'll be that LVN that you had once dreamed of!

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