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Last Semester Clinical!


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Well, it's my last semester Clinical and this week was orientation. I'm a part timer so for me every clinical seems brand spanking new. Of course the computer system is new and everything is located there. No more paper charts or Kardex's. Why couldn't they have waited just one more year to implement that one!? There are 3 of us that are part time and 5 full timers, which means they fly through computer orientation because the others have just been there last semester.

My instructor is one of the toughest, but I had her 2 yrs back. At least I know I'm in hell this time. I only have her for 4 weeks before I do my off site and then preceptorship. I'm feeling overwhlemed and burnt out already. I feel like I can't remember any of the skills I've learned previously. I keep telling myself this is how I feel at the beginning of every semester, but I can't help but fantasize that it's all over and I'm graduating! Anyone feeling the same way?

Long breaks between clinicals is a tough one. I remember returning to clinicals from a 2.5 month Summer break. I felt the same way--anxious and scared that I had forgotten even a basic thing such as hanging I.V. It seems like every new clinical rotation is like that, especially if you have a "tough" instructor like this semester. Hang in there. After several clinical rounds, the road gets smoother and easier to manage.

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