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last 4 classes to apply for rn program

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hey guys!
I need some advice!

I need anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and microbiology to apply for the RN program next fall(2020). I want to take anatomy and chemistry this fall together, and then physiology and micro together next spring. will this be difficult as in "a lot of work" as people say or is there any other way these classes can work together the easiest? 


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Not gonna lie, that sounds like a terrible course load. I tried to balance my schedule and avoid taking more than one hard science or math class a quarter because so much time was needed to take the class and do well in it. It's doable, I have friends graduating with their BSNs with me Friday who did micro at the same time as A&P. Some of the people in my cohort actually took micro DURING the first quarter of nursing school as at the time it was a graduation requirement, not a prereq, and they're graduating, so if you really want to you can do it -- just won't be the easiest way.

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