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Laser Therapy


Does any know what the laws are pertaining to a nurse operating and performing skin resurfacing with Laser? I know that a nurse has to be under supervision from a doctor but does that doctor have to be on-site one a nurse is certified?

Does anyone have any information about Laser Theraphy and nursing at all?


My friend who is an RN was mentioning that the other day.I had never heard of it.We are in fla.she was talking about a class in Ft.Lauderdale,Fla pertaining to your question in this thread.She is tired of the everyday nursing ordeals ,but wants to stay in the medical field.When I see her again I will ask her about it,if you like.

I'm sorry'but I don't know how to pm back.I did get your pm.I'll see her this later week or next.She said this was a series of classes to get certificates.the classes were not all that long.the entire thing was about $3,500.00 or so for it all but it was for a certification of some kind.

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