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How is the market for MedSurg nurses with experience? I have seven years experience in MedSurg. Any hospitals to avoid in Las Vegas?


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Avoid North Vista Hospital, Sunrise m/s can be brutal (but they're a great company to work - HCA) & Summerlin can be a bit crazy (I had 9 pts on nights, the average, one night I had 2 that needed blood & 3 that we on Fall precautions, & 4 that needed antibiotics). Worst ratios are Sunrise 8-10pts on day shift (but they pull all your meds for you, so that helps). Definitely avoid Desert Spring (nurses tell me it's bad). So, I personally have liked Mt View (meds pulled for you also, & they are HCA), I hear UMC is a great company to work for, as is the St Rose hospitals (but St Rose is down-grading, so this is subject to change). I have worked as an agency nurse for several, so most of this is my personal opinion.