Largest Age Group of Nurses in Aus is 51-55 Y/O. What are its implications?


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IMHO, in five years' time, Australia would need more nurses to fill in the 15% (roughly 50,000!) loss to its workforce. Employment for nurses nowadays may appear bleaker than it was two years ago but I believe it would change in the near future. For those nurses who wouldn't give up on their Oz dream but are unsure and too afraid to risk as of yet, go get enough work experience in your home country, prepare yourself for IELTS and review as early as now, always keep yourself updated, and save up a lot of money! There is hope... :)

But of course, if you feel like today is the right time for you then go ahead! Just because other people have negative experiences does not mean that the same thing would happen to you. Do not let anybody stop you from reaching you dream!


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People in Australia have to work until they are 67 to receive their aged pension, hence 55 is nothing, but another 12 years to go until they can claim the pension and receive superannuation so that they can retire and have money without working. There are tax cuts as you get over 60 and other incentives to keep people working, so that the taxes can keep being collected.

Most nurses I know in this age bracket have no intention of retiring in 5 years.(God willing)

When I was 21 the majority of nurses were older as well and there was this big worry about needing upteen percent of nurse in a hurry in the next 5-10 years, though steady increase in student nurse numbers and idependent skilled immigration there was never a big rush on importing nurses in a hurry, because 15% retired suddenly. You see many nurses in the 30-40 age bracket are mothers and stay at home with their children! they get maternity leave etc.

and are not working as nurses, once the children are grown up they go back to work. Hence not so many nurses at this age. So there is this considerable, workforce that no one seems to acknowledge and skews the figures.