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Has anyone taking pre-reqs at Lansing Community College taken the Health Biology Proficiency Exam? I have to pass this before I can even register for anatomy.

Just a little nervous about studying for it - I have no idea how difficult it will be and it seems like a lot of studying that I'm having to do for a pre-req to a pre-req.

I have to say, all of the pre-reqs this community college requires are getting on my nerves...I know they mean well, but I've never had to do this stuff at any of the universities I've attended so it's new to me.

Hopefully somebody out there knows about this exam and can at least help me feel a little less alone. :specs:


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i know you posted awhile ago, but i thought i would respond in case you were still wondering about the test. i had to take it a couple of months ago in order to register for anatomy at lcc (i didn't have the necessary pre-req). let me warn you, it is a tough test and is not to be taken lightly. the questions are specific and you have to know your stuff. if you haven't taken cell biology or chemistry recently, then you will really need to study for it. you can't just cram the weekend before...i studied for about a month before taking it, and i passed with 35 out of 50 (you must get 25).

definitely print off the study guide that they provide for you on the lcc website, and check out the recommended textbook from a local library (or get hold of a similar biology textbook). i was able to get hold of a copy, and i read all of the chapters that the guide recommended, took notes, and studied. follow the study guide...the material on the test is all listed on the guide.

it was a lot of effort to devote to passing a test for a stupid pre-req, but i had no choice, i HAD to take anatomy this summer, and passing that test was the only way that i could do it. when you are forced to do something, you will work hard and devote yourself to it. i know just how you feel, lcc is making me jump through all kinds of hoops in order to take their classes, even though i have a b.a. from msu, they don't seem to care.

good luck to you, you can do it if you really put in the effort!

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