Lake Tech LPN 2013 PM P/T Any one else starting April 15th?


SOOO I was wondering, who else got in to the lpn program at Lake Technical Center in Eustis, Fl? I'm starting the P/T PM program April 15th! I finished registration last week and I received full financial aid, thank goodness, so I'm good to go! I've been getting a lot of questions on where to get things, so I figured, I'd just put everything in one place so I don't have to rewrite everything a million times :)

I ended up splurging and buying myself a Littman Classic II stethoscope, figured, "Might as well!" I got it off of and got free engraving and 5% off coupon I found on However, a friend that previously graduated did tell me that you don't have to get a fancy stethoscope, and if you do, she said to be careful with it because most of the time she found she didn't hande hers with care. I also ordered a medical organizer, it's basically a little pouch with a pen light, a pen with different colors, and bandage scissors, I read somewhere that down the line we're supposed to have those, so figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. I got my shoes at Kmart. They are Cobbie Cuddlers brand, all white leather, and Kmart in town is closing so they were 20% off. I was going to get the clog style, but they didn't have my size, I ended up getting the ones that lace, they are so cushiony, I really like them even though they are a little granny-like, they look nice with the scrubs. They were $20 and I think i'm going to get them in Black and Also get the clogs in black and white for "the future" (haha) As for scrubs, I've been collecting mine since CNA Classes, I get most of mine from goodwill, because lets face it, they're expensive! But as far as brand new scrubs, I've found Walmart to be the best deal. As far as text book go, I haven't purchased mine yet, because I don't technically start class until June because I am already a CNA and my CPR card is updated, I've just got to get a first aid card. My friend who graduated is selling me most of her old text books, and I've read that you can go on to the current lpn 2013 facebook and comment to find out if anyone else wants to sell theirs. Other than that, this is pretty much where I'm at right now! I'm so excited to meet each and everyone of my new class mates! Never thought I'd be excited to go to school again :)