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LAKE TECH Eustis Campus

by Renee01 Renee01 (New) New

Any one applying to the LPN program this May????

I applied for fall 2020. What are your stats?

ehhh not the best. I def. messed up in college. So I have a 2.9 GPA my TEAS score is 65.. I also have an A.A degree.. I doubt that will help tho.

I am not sure how competitive this campus is but I figured its worth the shot.

What about you??

I also have a 2.9 and an AA degree! I just took TEAS a week and a half ago and got an 81.3%. But I’ve taken all nursing prereqs, not sure if you have.

Same I've taken all the prereqs. Actually did pretty well on that LOL I also applied to Daytona State.. Hope we get in 🙂

Daytona state for LPN or RN? When I was looking at Daytona I thought it said you had to have 3.0 GPA.. I’ve looked at like every school in Florida tho LOL it’s all a blur

I know rightttt! I applied for the LPN there, I did hear that it is competitive. I also applied for the Respiratory Therapist program at Seminole state (that was my backup plan) I am so ready start a health care program. I really hope I get into a LPN program thoo! Fingers currently crossed LOL

I applied for Fall also! I have a 3.14 GPA, 77% on the TEAS, have taken all nursing prereqs and have a BA degree. I also applied to Daytona State's RN program but I doubt it with my GPA. Does anyone know how competitive Lake Tech is?

I’m not sure how competitive it is. I wish all schools would publish previous semesters accepted averages or something. But I applied to lake tech for LPN, college of central Florida in Ocala for RN, and Polk state college for RN as well. Debating applying somewhere for surgical tech, because I really want to get school started.

Good luck! Really hoping I get in Lake Tech. They extended the application deadline so I'm hoping that means they didn't get that many applications, I don't know.

Does anyone know when school would start?

August 10th I think. Has anyone heard anything yet? I thought we were supposed to here by today.