Laguardia Nursing- Fall 18 Candidacy ? Whats your GPA & Teas score

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Hello Fellow- Pre- nursing students!

As we all know today was the deadline to submit our nursing candidacy applications. Now comes the crazy- nerve wrecking part. We have to wait all the way until to July to know whether we are accepted or not.

For now lets share our grades- mines are not the best I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I can make it into the nursing program. Nursing is my passion.

My Pre- req grades are the following:



Human Biology: C :( (this is where I messed up)

Chemistry: I am currently taking- I am hoping for no less than a A- or B+

My Teas score is a 63% and they accept anything above a 57, so i think im good in that aspect.

How did you guys do for your pre-reqs?? Any prior LAGCC Nursing students that may be able to offer some advice :)

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Welcome LexNursetobe

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Hopefully it isnt too competitive this semester, so far i got a 76 on teas. I dont know my key course grades because this is my first semester but if i do well on the finals i should be getting As in ENG101, PSY101 and CHEM110 and hopefully an A-in A&P

That is great you should be fine once you do apply for candidacy. Good luck

They don't care how high or low your TEAs are. As long as you met the requirements. However; they weigh 2x amount of weight on the CORE first classes like ENG 1, PSY 1, etc. If you do not have As in those classes; your chances are greatly reduced depending on how competitive the incoming students are.

Oh wow I didn't know that, thank you. I have As on both of those classes and an A- on chem and C on A&P. I'm just worried about the AP class.

Hi guys! I'm applying for candidacy this coming Fall sem. (2018) and was wondering on any tips or things you guys can share? I met with an advisor recently and she said I'm definitely a good candidate for applying to candidacy but now I'm taking A&P 1 in Spring II and it is kicking my butt. Anyone here taking it or have taken it know any tips? I work full time too so my schedule doesn't fit the tutoring hours they offer for SCB 203. How are you guys liking the program so far?


i am applying this fall'18 too. So far, i got all As in pre classess, the only A&P 204 with B+.

i am still nervous, cause its competitive for the nursing program. By the way, my GPA is 3.88 and my TEAS is 71.4.

Hi Katesuksathian, good luck! I know, it can get extremely competitive, I've heard. I'm hoping the Fall 2018 crowd wouldn't be too much. I haven't taken my TEAS yet (scheduled for August, once this Spring II is done). I was told by a Health services advisor that they don't really look at the score, just to check that you passed and cutoff is 56, I believe. How was it, btw? Was it easy? I was told its English, Math and Bio?

I literally breathe in work and school right now, so much to read for A&P. Also, who was your prof? Was he/she good? My lecture prof. right now is so hard to understand, like he doesn't explain it well and actually reads off of slides -_- and since its a short sem. (6 weeks) it makes it even harder.

I was told this is nothing compared to what we get once we are in the program though (crosses fingers)...

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