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This week is the VERY last week of being a SPN, my Graduation comes this Thursday and I am nothing but smiles! Our program is 52 weeks and I've had various hardships come up (Oh, life, how you smack us in the face sometimes), but I've done it! I've overcome any and all obstacles in my way, performed skilled nursing with increasing confidence (caths, ivs, suctions, NGtubes) and before I knew it, we come to the end. All I can think is, what a long strange trip it's been!

With that being said, I feel I owe a HUGE thanks to everybody at Allnurses, I used to read through countless threads of other students, practicing Nurses, and anything else that may have caught my eye. There were times when I was down and I read about another student going through the same thing I was going through, I seen a few threads about experienced Nurses telling us their stories, and giving us the encouragement to continue, and it all helped increase my motivation and willingness to finish what I had started.

A big thank you to everybody here, you may not know it, but you had a huge impact on me and aided in me getting to where I am and to go further on.

Congrats! Cant wait until Im where you are!

Congratulations!!!! :yeah::bow:

Congratulations....I can't wait til Sept 25, graduation day. Allnurses has been a big help to me, also!

Specializes in Geriatrics/LTC.

Thanks guys! I'm actually kind of emotional to have reached this milestone in life!

And you guys who are just starting school; it can be tough, but keep your head up, stay positive, and the year just flies by! It feels like yesterday, I had stepped into the classroom for the first time with people I've never met before, only health care experience was as a CNA. Made some really awesome friends though! (Only guy in class wasn't too much fun, but I learned a lot about women!)

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