Lack of motivation to finish this careplan


Second semester student here, almost done with this quarter (thank god!), and I am sitting here looking at this careplan I have to do due on Thurs., and I...just...can' it. It's like pulling teeth. I am so OVER these. I am not normally like this. But I feel like a gas tank on E. The work I have done on it the past few days feels half-assed at best. Again, not like me. But I am TIRED. Mentally, physically, and summer vacation is so far away. :( Haven't I already proven I can do these? Copy and paste from old work on the meds and interventions with rationales has become my best friend. I feel cheap, like I'm cutting corners or something.

I have procrastination syndrome bad right now. I'd rather be studying than doing this tedious paperwork for the 5,000th time. I swear if I make it out of nursing school, the day of graduation I am burning every last one of them.

Anyone else?

That was me just a few hours ago. We have to have 4 care plans and a concept map a with 90 or above. I am hoping this one I just turned in is above a 90! Good luck!