Labor law changes in California to eliminate 12 hour shifts??

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Does anyone know if it is true or not that the Labor laws in CA are changing to any time worked over 8 hours in a day will have to be paid at overtime-and that this will virtually eliminate the 12 hr shift. As this would be disasterous for not only myself but for about 90% of the nurses I work with (as 12hr shifts allow us more off days for family ect) I would like to stop it cold if it moves across the country (as things typically do). Please reply.........ME


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When 12 hours shift was implemented in our hospital our salaries were adjusted in such a way that a required 36 hours /week summing

up to 72 hours /pay period will generate us an income of 80 hours each pay priod.With the new Labor Law,the hospital if forced to implement will cut the hourly pay so even though the next 4 hours is overtime pay,the

amount wil be quite the same as that of the 12 hour straight pay. In our hospital we are still 12 hours straight pay as part of our Union Contract which will expire next year.We

nurses are very vocal of our indifference to 8 hour shift,and the hospital is making it sure that we are not going back to that simply because of the prevalent nursing shortage.In theirs own words...."where in the

world will we get extra nurses to staff an additional shift?"

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